Basing View Business Park

Location: Basingstoke

Client: Basingstoke and Deane Council

Cost: £800K

Duration: Phased over 2 years

Landscape Architect: Land Use Consultants



Further information:

Basing View is an 18-hectare business park which dates back to the 1970s. The transformation of the business park landscape has helped to modernise as well as heal the open space character of this chalk downland site. This has provided a catalyst to new commerce to the business park.

This complicated regeneration scheme involved transforming the previously poorly maintained and mix-match Business Park into a modern uniformed site. More than 150 trees, including 38 mature Prunus along with a new nature willow hedge and more than 15000 shrubs and hedging plants were planted to create a uniform avenue across the site. We also completed the design and construction of the Totem signs and Basing View sign on the site.

Top-soiling, re-sculpting the bank at ENI house, constructing Gabion baskets across the site, paving and kerbs to the frontage of some of the properties, sleeper walls, handrails, bespoke railings and drainage was also carried out.

The very restricted site with no storage meant all materials had to come in ‘just in time’ meaning that programme was key to this project. The scheme was built in several phases as the legal agreements were being completed, Blakedown also completed the maintenance on site for a period of 1 year. We now maintain this site. The scheme has had a very positive response from the local community and tenants, also encouraging new companies into the park.

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