Shadwell Estate

Location: Tower Hamlets

Client: Peabody

Cost: £1.5m

Duration: 12 months

Landscape Architect: Turkington Martin


“Blakedown can demonstrate a significant and measurable improvement delivered to the quality of life for people living at Shadwell” - Sue Forsyth- Project Manager Peabody

The Project saw the refurbishment of existing courtyards within the listed Shadwell Estate which was one of the first Peabody developments in the 1890s.


The landscape regeneration of the two existing courtyards, Glamis Place and adjacent circulation spaces included:

  breaking out of existing hard landscape areas to make way for new paving, planting, seating and play areas

  demolition of existing storage sheds

  new refuse, storage, caretaker and bulk refuse storage sheds are to be built, with some repairs and general works to existing structures

  deconstruction and re-building of existing boundary wall

  new drainage, water mains, power and lighting


Further information:

As well as improving the space for residents, there are big benefits for wildlife, and a significant contribution towards targets in the Local Biodiversity Action Plan. New habitats included chalk grassland, open mosaic habitat and mixed native hedge, while nectar-rich and night-scented flowers, dense climbers and including Birdsfoot Trefoil on the green roofs will benefit priority species such as bumblebees, bats, House Sparrows and the Common Blue butterfly.

This scheme was incredibly complex, requiring consideration of the estate being fully occupied throughout the works, along with no storage space being supplied at all. Meanwhile, the surrounding areas are all Grade II listed and we were responsible for the design and installation of a new water main system to the entire estate.

The project pushed the dedication of the team to the limits with careful planning, resident liaison and just in time practices all playing a part to the smooth running of the project. The outcome has been incredibly well received by both the client and residents who have a very high-quality landscape on their doorstep.

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