St. Mary's Churchyard

Location: Elephant & Castle

Client: London Borough of Southwak

Cost: £900k

Duration: 28 weeks

Landscape Architect: BCA Landscape


“The delivery of improvements to St. Mary’s Churchyard Park has enabled Southwark council to ensure that the benefits of urban regeneration are experienced by new and existing residents.” - Deborah McKenzie- Southwark Project Manager

The enhancement to St Mary’s Park is the final piece of public realm that completes the holistic vision for this important part of Elephant and Castle. Now completed, this unified approach to the area will set a benchmark for further regeneration of the Elephant and Castle community.


They key features of the newly enhanced park:

  The park now flows easily into the new public realm to create a unified urban space

  A significant increase in useable green space is a busy city environment

  A new pond with geyser

  Interactive fountain plaza

  High quality paving and street furniture

  Play area


Further information:

The site is set in one of central London’s busiest intersections making the logistics of the delivery and removal of materials on and off site very challenging, especially with other major developments under construction in the area. Blakedown completed the scheme completely with in-house skilled staff apart from the water feature M+E which was completed by Fountains and Features.

High-quality paving was created using over 300m2 of granite blending three different colours to create the architectural feature. The area has received high praise from the client and public users who now have an attractive and useable space.

Aerial 2.JPG
Jet Plaza 5.JPG